Urban Centers of Influence

Butterfly Paradise Reaching Tourists and Locals

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Tim and Wendy Maddocks, long-time missionaries to Cambodia, have started a nature attraction that reaches out to tourists and local residents, and which provides employment for students at their school.

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F5 Climbing Center

Bangkok, Thailand

Couple moves to Thailand and starts a Center of Influence, with a climbing wall, after watching the Adventist Mission series "I Want This City."

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Tutankhamun: The Roadshow

Mobile Ministry, Australia

The King Tut Roadshow is a mobile center of influence allowing members to go to public schools and communities sharing a "sensory learning experience" as a stepping stone to further outreach opportunities.

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Drug, Alcohol Rehab Center Helps Men Make New Beginning

Guatemala City, Guatemala

In addition to finding freedom from addiction, more than 1500 people have been baptized in nine years of ministry.

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"The Art Space" Creates Community in Busy Mall

Chicago, IL

The Art Space, an Urban Center of Influence inside a busy Chicago mall, is a space where children and adults can create art together, and where they can belong and have a sense of community.

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Welcome Baby

Auckland, New Zealand

A clothing library, counseling, and a ready group of friends are among the ways church members at the Welcome Baby center seek to encourage new moms in the community.

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Sao Paulo, Brazil

“We have the ability to awaken in children an interest in Creation, telling them they can learn to enjoy nature here, as they prepare to enjoy it for eternity,”

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Radio Show Leads to Life Hope Centers Across Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia and Beyond

A radio talk show led to the establishment of urban centers of influence in four Jakarta suburbs plus at least six other cities.

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Manna Haven Cafe - Ranked Number 1 Restaurant at Australian Tourist Spot

Byron Bay, Australia Outpost Center

Serving 1.7 million tourists from cities across Australia and around the world, this vegan restaurant/outpost center offers great food and so much more.

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Taxis Serve as Centers of Influence in Panama City

Panama City, Panama

Nearly 70% of Panama's 4 million residents live in cities. In fact, half of Panama's citizens reside in the capital city! Members are working creatively to reach them.

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When the City Park Becomes a Center of Influence

Suva, Fiji

The church provides regular meals to homeless people and others in a park in the center of the city. The park is also the venue used for health classes, Bible studies and worship services.

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Origins Museum of Nature: State-of-the-Art Adventist Museum

Galapagos Islands, Outpost Center

Reaching tourists from cities around the world, Origins is the church’s first high-technology museum.

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